Trait scientists possess an unrelenting curiosity to explore the powerful intersection where nature meets science. Our research delivers innovative technologies for a new generation of purer, safer and higher quality cannabinoid products. We’re proud to be on the frontier—enabling a more responsible, sustainable approach to cultivation and product development.

Trait DistilledTM

Our patented technology creates pure, safe, naturally water-soluble CBD, terpenes and other cannabinoids. We do this by mimicking a process that occurs commonly in nature and naturally occurs in your body as it metabolizes different types of foods.

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Trait AmplifiedTM

The AmplifiedTM technology grows ultra-high-yield hemp and cannabis cultivars that produce up to 10x yields of CBD and cannabinoids through several different strategies.

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Trait DefenseTM

The hemp and cannabis industries are growing at a relentless pace, and you’re keeping up with that growth. But never far from your mind is the ongoing battle with bacterial, fungal, insect and viral infections in your plants.

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Trait TailoredTM

Nature keeps her mysteries close to her vest, and growing plants that produce consistent and unique cannabinoid profiles is a constant challenge…until now.

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Trait ZeroTM

In the U.S., hemp is defined as plants with less than 0.3% THC. And the government could destroy your entire crop if just one plant exceeds this percentage. Trait ZeroTM is the ultimate insurance policy for your hemp cultivation business—with 100% peace of mind.

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