Trait AmplifiedTM

Hemp and cannabis cultivars that
produce more than double the yields of
a broad spectrum of cannabinoids.

Beyond the Bud

Traditional cultivators are only able to harvest the flower of the plant. Trait AmplifiedTM substantially improves the plants’ natural cannabinoid production and crop yield. Amplified’s patent pending natural process increases cannabinoid synthesis in every part of the plant—leaves, stalks, stems, roots and, of course, the bud. This provides growers the opportunity to operate on a “continuous harvest” cycle—pruning the plants on an ongoing basis to harvest only the cannabinoids—instead of the traditional “vegetative flowering harvest” process, which results in the destruction of the entire plant.

Super-Producing Plants

AmplifiedTM helps plants grow more trichomes as well as find new places to store cannabinoids beyond the trichomes, such as in the cytoplasm or vacuoles of the plant. In conjunction with this, Trait AmplifiedTM improves plant photosynthetic and growth performance to accelerate plant growth and biomass. Most importantly, AmplifiedTM allows cannabinoids to be converted into natural, nontoxic forms, which stimulates greater production of the most desirable plant parts.

The Process Simplified

By increasing the yield of every plant, AmplifiedTM helps growers simplify the process and increase profitability. Beyond decreasing input costs such as soil, water and electricity, our AmplifiedTM technology provides an ecological benefit for the grower and our planet. Additionally, because AmplifiedTM naturally stimulates a plant to produce water-soluble cannabinoids, growers no longer need to use energy-intensive extraction techniques (e.g., ethanol, butane, super-critical CO2) now enabling the plant to be pressed and juiced to extract the full spectrum of cannabinoids.