Trait DefenseTM

Chemical-free plant protection that effectively blocks viruses,
mold and other pests in hemp and cannabis.

Natural Interference

Trait DefenseTM provides a natural solution to deliver hemp and cannabis plants with the strength to protect against disease and pests without using harmful pesticides or fungicides. Our DefenseTM technology does this by stimulating natural bacteria that lives in the biome of the plant to create molecules of “interfering RNA” (commonly known as RNAi). These natural RNAi molecules within the plant stop viruses and mold from being able to replicate—and transform the cultivation process to be more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Crop Protection

Trait DefenseTM is a highly effective, non-chemical solution to protect precious hemp and cannabis crops against pathogens. Our patent pending technology also prevents bacteria, viruses and mold from growing in and on the plants, reducing the risk of having valuable crops failing to meet the microbial requirements being monitored and inspected by regulators.

Chemical Free

The use of chemicals, pesticides and fungicides to control pests and disease can be toxic. Trait DefenseTM eliminates the need for any chemicals and enables growers to significantly reduce the risk of having batches rejected for failing to meet pesticide and fungicide residue requirements, providing hemp and cannabis products that are safe and reliable for all.