Trait TailoredTM

Perfectly customized cannabinoid
profiles in hemp and cannabis.

Cannabis Customized

Trait Tailored’sTM patent pending technology enables growers to perfectly customize the cannabinoid profiles of their hemp or cannabis strains with ground-breaking precision. TailoredTM enables growers to consistently produce whatever combination of cannabinoids are desired.

Minor Cannabinoids

In addition to the major cannabinoids, there are an array of desirable “minor” cannabinoids often produced in quantities too small to be commercially viable for product development. With TailoredTM, growers are able to produce strains with greater volumes of  CBD, CBG, CBC and other less common cannabinoids to make more refined and desirable products for consumers.

Holistic Products

The medicinal and  therapeutic benefits of cannabis come through the unique combination of THC, CBD and a milieu of numerous cannabinoids and terpenes naturally produced by the plants. TailoredTM technology enables growers to create and replicate a specific desirable profile by ensuring the plant grows a precise cannabinoid profile for discerning consumers and clinical treatments.