CBD-Infused Beverages
Introducing Trait Distilled

Cannabinoids are difficult to formulate because they are fat soluble and become unstable in beverage form. Despite their immense growth in popularity, manufacturers often deliver products with a turbid/milky hue, an unappetizing aftertaste, and delayed onset. Many CBD-infused beverage brands also utilize emulsifiers, surfactants, or nanotechnology processing to formulate and suspend the CBD ingredients into a beverage system.

Trait Biosciences is here to change all of that with its new, patented pending Distilled™ water-soluble CBD technology. Water solubility allows for more precise dosing, superior shelf stability, and a predictable consumer experience. Whether you’re an existing CBD brand or a traditional CPG looking to branch into the space, Trait Biosciences is the ideal provider of CBD ingredients to help you formulate and manufacture cannabinoid-infused beverages that both look and taste great. Our odorless extract comes in either powder or liquid/concentrate form and completely dissolves when mixed with water. Gone are the days of relying on overly complicated formulations and the required use of an array of functional ingredients to formulate CBD into your beverage system.

Some of the other key benefits of our advanced water-soluble CBD technology include

A Better-Looking Product

Unlike fat-based products, water-soluble CBD beverages will look uniform the entire time it sits on a shelf. You’ll never have to shake it before drinking it in order to dissolve the sediment at the bottom of the container.

Increased CBD Dosage Capacity

Unlike most products on the market, water-soluble CBD is suitable for consumption at higher doses without requiring the addition of artificial flavoring or colors. Many other infused beverages are unable to do this without becoming cloudy and settling at the bottom of the container.

No Nanotechnologies Necessary

Many CBD-infused beverage companies are reliant upon nano-technologies to integrate fat-based CBD products into their products. Our water-soluble CBD extract requires none of these.

When using Trait Bio as your sourcing partner for your line of cannabinoid-infused beverages, the solution is clear – just like your line of products.

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