Decades of CBD Research Experience

Patent Pending Technology

An alternative to oil-based products

Trait Biosciences USA is a research and development firm focused on the study of water-soluble cannabinoids for a variety of end-use applications and consumer products. Our scientific solutions represent a robust suite of proprietary technology platforms for the Hemp Industry.

  • Operating in a 30,000 square foot open concept lab, equipped with state-of-the-art capability in microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, chemistry, advanced analytical testing; as well as a greenhouse with sophisticated research capabilities.
  • A team of world-class scientists and proven leadership with a track record of commercial successes. Trait resources include experienced professionals in basic biological and chemical science disciplines, clinical and regulatory research, analytical methods and testing, complemented with strategy and business professionals with proven leadership in B2B and B2C strategy and tactical execution.
  • Focused to accelerate development of novel, transformative technologies in cannabinoid production using bio-molecular science, chemists and advanced computational analytics.
  • Cutting edge capabilities in fermentation, metabolic engineering, bioinformatics and computational biology, and plant secondary metabolism.

Why Trait Distilled™?

Growth Potential

Global cannabinoid market to reach $45 billion by 2024

Clear & Colorless

Keep the infused water/seltzer clean of unnecessary colors or opaque packaging

Groundbreaking Technology

The first “truly” water soluble cannabinoid extracts, no need for nano-emulsification or encapsulation complications

Increased Dosage Capacity

Remains clear even at significant dosage levels

Broad Use Cases Across Consumer Products