Trait DistilledTM

Pure, safe, naturally
water-soluble cannabinoids.

Purity in Water

Trait’s patent pending DistilledTM technology creates pure, safe, naturally water-soluble CBD and other cannabinoids. We do this by mimicking a process that occurs commonly in nature and naturally occurs in your body as it metabolizes different types of foods. This simple process—called glycosylation—involves attaching a sugar molecule to the cannabinoid, which makes it water soluble. It’s truly that simple. Glycosylation brings out the best of what is naturally found in hemp and cannabis, and the benefits of our Trait Distilled cannabinoids can be life changing.

Expect the Expected

Due to the fat-soluble nature of cannabinoids, consumers may not feel the effects of a CBD-infused beverage for 45 minutes or more. Trait DistilledTM removes this unpredictable experience because DistilledTM delivers water-soluble CBDs. As a result, you can enjoy infused beverages and edibles with a predictable onset and the peace of mind that goes with it.

Plays Well with Others

Conventional hemp and cannabis edibles leave a bad taste in your mouth, literally and figuratively. This happens because they utilize fat-soluble cannabinoids, which separate, similar to oil and water. Trait DistilledTM cannabinoids are water soluble, which means they don’t separate and don’t feel oily in your mouth and blend seamlessly into whatever beverage they’re mixed with.